Representative Bradley Byrne

Representing the 1st District of Alabama

Byrne Thanks Errical Bryant for Years of Service


Feb 9, 2017
Press Release

Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) announced today the departure of Errical Bryant, who has served as his Director of Operations for the last three years.

All told, Bryant worked for Alabama’s First Congressional District for almost fifteen years, previously serving as an intern from Congressman Sonny Callahan and a staff member for Congressman Jo Bonner.

Bryant has accepted a position working for Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice.

Upon her departure, Congressman Byrne placed a statement in the Congressional Record thanking Bryant for her years of service to Southwest Alabama. A transcript of the statement can be found below.

Byrne said: “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to share my deepest appreciation for my Director of Operations, Errical Bryant, for her years of service to Alabama's First Congressional District. Today marks Errical's final day serving the people of Southwest Alabama.

“Like so many on Capitol Hill, Errical started out as an intern for Congressman Sonny Callahan in 2000. After working for a period of time as a door attendant in the U.S. Senate, Errical returned to serving the First District as Constituent Services Director for Congressman Jo Bonner. She later added the responsibilities of Administrative Director and Scheduler. Errical served in this position for over ten years, until Congressman Bonner retired from Congress in 2013.

“Mr. Speaker, I asked former Congressman Jo Bonner to share his appreciation for Errical. Congressman Bonner said, ‘Simply put, Errical is a wonderful human being--one of the finest people I know--and her many characteristics of honesty, hard work, dedication, and patriotic duty are the very qualities that will well serve America's next Attorney General. There are very few people in Alabama who have interacted with our office over the past 14 years who have not had the pleasure of working with Errical Bryant. In many ways, she has become the face of Alabama's First Congressional District in Washington and she has always made visitors feel extra special and at home, forever representing Congressman Byrne and me in the most professional manner humanly possible. While Errical's strengths are considerable, her talents are unlimited and her love of country is second to none.’

“When I was elected to Congress, one of the first pieces of advice I received from Congressman Bonner was to hire Errical. I distinctively remember my wife, Rebecca, and I meeting with her to discuss the position. During our meeting, Errical said ‘If you do everything I tell you to do, then you will be a really good Congressman.’ Having worked with Errical over the last three years, I can say there was a lot of truth to that statement.

“As my Director of Operations, Errical handles everything from scheduling meetings to managing office finances to planning special events. She is a master of the little things and keeps the office running smoothly and effectively. Despite all the stress and pressure of a Congressional office, Errical keeps the train on the tracks and the schedule moving.

“She has also helped countless people from Southwest Alabama arrange successful visits to our nation's capital. Upon their arrival to Washington, she has been a welcoming face ensuring southern hospitality remains ever present in our office. In addition to planning everyday visits, she has overseen ticket distribution for multiple presidential inaugurations and major gatherings.

“Errical has arranged important visits to Southwest Alabama for other Members of Congress, cabinet officials, and foreign ambassadors. These visits were planned and executed perfectly, which helped leave a positive impression of our part of the country on both national and world leaders.

“As our internship program coordinator, Errical has also helped mold and shape the next generation of leaders. She has instilled professionalism and confidence in countless young professionals that will serve them well in whatever career path they take.

“In addition to all of her official duties and responsibilities, Errical has served as the office's unofficial party planner and executive chef. Displaying the same southern hospitality she shows to our constituents, Errical has organized countless celebrations for co-workers, usually bringing in a classic ‘Pouncey Family’ homemade cake or pie.

“I asked some of her current and former colleagues for one word that describes Errical, and I think these hit home: dedicated, steady, diligent, passionate, ethical, motivated, funny, sunny, meticulous, loyal, accommodating, conscientious, and tenacious.

“Mr. Speaker, Errical has been ‘the face’ of Alabama's First Congressional District for much of the last fifteen years, and her service will be missed. As she moves on to begin a new role, I want to wish her and her husband, Thurston, all the best.

“So, on behalf of Alabama's First Congressional District, I want to thank Errical for her years of hard work, commitment, and service to Southwest Alabama.”