Representative Bradley Byrne

Representing the 1st District of Alabama
  • Byrne Secures Authorization for Additional Austal Ship in NDAA

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) issued the following statement after the House Armed Services Committee, on which he serves, approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2021 by a vote of 56-0.
  • Byrne Opposes Green New Deal Disguised as Highway Bill

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) issued the following statement after voting against the partisan Democrat surface transportation bill crafted without input from Republicans.
  • Byrne: Democrats’ Partisan Police Reform Bill “Frustrating, Disheartening”

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) issued the following statement after voting against the partisan George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
  • Byrne Gives Powerful Speech Condemning Racism

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives today regarding the state of race relations in our country. Byrne called upon Congress to reveal our national character by uniting to pass meaningful and bipartisan law enforcement reform legislation. Byrne is an original cosponsor of the JUSTICE Act originally introduced in the Senate by Senator Tim Scott (R-SC).
  • Byrne Sues Pelosi to Stop Unconstitutional Power Grab

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) issued the following statement announcing he is filing a lawsuit against Speaker Pelosi for violating the United States Constitution.

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Jul 6, 2020

Last week, the House Armed Services Committee, which I’m proud to be a member of, passed and sent to the full House the William M.

Jun 29, 2020

This weekend America will celebrate its 244th birthday.  Unfortunately, we do so in a time of a pandemic, a struggling economy, and violent protests.  But, it’s still our birthday and we should both commemorate and celebrate it.

Jun 23, 2020

Our brilliant Founders built our democracy upon two different but complimentary pillars.  The first and more obvious pillar is our constitutional system itself, what the writers of the Federalist Papers called the “new science of politics.”  Our representative democracy would not be possible without our revolutionary constitution and the laws that uphold it, separation and enumeration of

Jun 16, 2020

These last few weeks have riveted the country’s attention on police brutality.  The murder of George Floyd was an atrocity, and unfortunately it’s not the first one.  As we have so often in our history, it’s time for America to respond with appropriate and reasonable reform.  It’s not time to lose our heads, however.

Jun 8, 2020

First it was the public health experts whose projections were wrong about COVID-19.  They predicted far more spread of the disease, and death from it, than we have actually experienced.  They also predicted that those states which opened up before others would have a widespread breakout and a spike of hospitalization, and that hasn’t happened either.

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